Expander 4xDI 1W-UNI

Expansion module for connecting more 4x DI (Digital Input - dry contact) to Ares and Poseidon units. Connect another door contact, smoke detector or push button to the 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11).

  • Connecting more 4x DI (Digital Input) to 1-Wire UNI bus
  • Alarms can be configured for each dry contact input in the Ares or Poseidon unit separately
  • Expander can be combined with other sensors on the 1Wire UNI bus
  • Compatible with Ares and all Poseidon2 products
Applications and usage: 
  • Connect additional 4 DIs (Digital Input) to 1-Wire UNI bus
  • Compatible with Ares all Poseidon2 products

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Connects additional 4 detectors (4x DI) to Poseidon and Ares units. The expander is connected via RJ11 cable. Several Expanders can be daisy-chained.
Supplied with a 3m RJ11 cable.