30A DC Current probe 1W-UNI

30A DC Current probe 1W-UNI is a set of shunt and converter that can measure DC current up to 30A. The shunt is connected directly (interrupting the wire) into measured circuit. The DC current is measured in both directions (distinguished by the sign).

The 1W-UNI output can be connected to Poseidon2 or Ares devices. Together with one of these units, the current probe can serve early warning f overload or current direction change (charge/discharge).

The probe is suitable for input power monitoring in 12V / 24V or 48V DC powered systems,  providing battery charging or energy consumption monitoring in telco applications.

  • Current range 0-30A DC; Resolution 0.1A; Measurement accuracy 2%
  • Shunt resistance / by 30A (30A version) 2 mOhm/60 mV
  • The 1-Wire UNI bus is electrically isolated from the measured circuit
  • Measured voltage max. 60V
  • Cable length between the shunt and the converter 1m
  • Bus-powered (1-Wire UNI), max. 2 sensors per active port
  • 1-Wire UNI (2x RJ11 for daisy-chaining)
  • Connects to Poseidon2 or Ares devices
  • Converter to be installed indoors
Applications and usage: 

In combination with Poseidon2 and Ares units this probe can be used for  overload or change of DC current direction monitoring:

  • in big UPSs
  • in telecommunications devices
  • in railways
  • etc.

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100A DC Current probe 1W-UNI connection scheme EN

  • The shunt is connected directly to positive or negative terminal of the monitored circuit, it can be connected any way.
  • The positive pin on converter determines the more positive voltage (power source etc.). The shunt measures positive values from positive to negative. The current flowing in opposite direction is considered as negative (battery charge "+", discharge "-").
  • The shunt is connected to the converter by 1 m long two line wire. The length of the wire cannot be changed.
  • The shunt resistor and the converter are adjusted to each other for highest accuracy and they cannot be swapped.

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