Temp-485-Pt100 "DIN"

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Sensor for installation to a DIN rail, designated for measuring temperature using an external Pt100 probe (not included). For use with Poseidon 2250.

  • Input signal within the range of -55°C to +640°C
  • For installation to a DIN rail
  • Suitable for factory environment, RS-485 line communication (up to 1000m distance)
  • The sensors works with SNMP thermometer Poseidon
Applications and usage: 
  • Temperature monitoring in factories and industrial environment

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The „DIN“ version represents a converter of the temperature, measured by external thermal sensor, to RS-485 data busbar. The converter mechanic construction is designed for mounting to a standard DIN molding.

For creating a thermometer it's necessary to connect an external thermal Pt100 sensor to the converter - a platinum sensor (not part of the shipment) connected over two or three conductors. A converter communicates over RS-485 line with a superior station with baud rate of 9.600 Bd and 8N1 parameters. The Pt100 sensor is not part of the shipment.

The converter is suitable for usage in industrial environment.