Canceled overview - Accessories

  • HWg-SMS-GW2

    Product canceled New product Available

  • Koukaam KNR-100

    záznamové řešení pro systémy s IP kamerami

    Product canceled



  • Converter 232-M1 to DB9

    Adaptor for using RFID reader 232-M1 with Poseidon 4001. Can't be used together with GSM modem.

    Product canceled

  • Poseidon 1250 Relay cable

    Converter for connecting of two relays to 12V to Poseidon 2250 over RS-232

    Product canceled

  • Poseidon B-Cable

    RS-485 bus is used for connecting sensors to a Poseidon unit for up to 1 000 meter distance. RS-485 sensors uses 4 wires connection (A, B, +, -) or standard RJ45 connectors. B-Cable module converts these two ways of connection.

    Product canceled

Mounting Wall

  • WAGO I/O block tool

    Hand tool for Terminal IO strip "WAGO" handle. Small Screwdriver can be used as well.

    Product canceled



  • ER75i EDGE router

    EDGE router ER75i interconnects equipment with ethernet 10/100 or serial interface via EDGE technology

    Product canceled

  • Frame for RFID reader 232-M1

    Black montage frame for the reader 600 410 ""RFID reader 232-M1"". Reader is designed as flush fixed, with this frame can be installed to any plate.

    Product canceled

  • GSM Quadband TC55i

    TC55i GSM Quadband modem to RS-232 serial port. Antenna and EU power adapter included. Recommended for North & South America.

    Product canceled New product Available

  • HWg-SMS-GW: GSM gateway

    HWg-SMS-GW is a gateway that enables HW group products to send text message alarms. Send SMS alarms from all HW group products in your LAN.

    Product canceled New product Available