ED 310.(I).DB HWG

Electricity meters ED310 are modern, electronic, programmable devices for monitoring consumption and supply of active electricity in the retail consumption area. During development and design, increased attention was paid to comply, with ample margin, with IEC, EN & DIN standards and communication protocol recommendations. ED310 is a poly-phase, electronic, four-tariff electricity meter of active energy of class A or B as per EN 50470-1 and 50470-3 designed for direct (ED310) and indirect (ED310.I) connection.
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1.0.10 and later

The technical solution basis is the microprocessor, which performs all major functions. It digitalizes analogue current and voltage signals; performs calculations, operates the display, senses tariff inputs, communicates via the opto-interface, generates IR and S0 impulses, logs selected values and data as well as adapts the ED310 properties to customer requirements and needs. The measuring system also enables measurement in the occurrence of DC and harmonic components in the measured voltage and current circuit within the whole measuring range of the ED310.

The ED310 measures, logs (and displays if requested) basic values as follows:

  • Consumption and supply for each of the 4 tariffs (i.e. 8 registers of energy)
  • Operating time for each consumption or supply register (i.e. 8 registers of time)
  • Total consumption and supply
  • Maximum current (also per phase) and maximum power (also per phase)
  • Operating time, number of drop outs, time elapsed after current and power maxima resetting.

The ED310 measures, logs (and displays if requested) auxiliary values as follows:

  • Instantaneous effective voltage
  • Instantaneous effective current (also per phase)
  • Instantaneous active power (also per phase)