Do you know how to work with Ares through SMS commands?

Do you know that you can control the Ares unit SMS commands remotely?
Would you like to see some examples of the SMS commands which you can use?


Check out the examples below:

1234 is the default password. Input caption text here.

You have to use it if your number is not listed as one of the 5 SMS recipients.
In case you are not using the default password, it must be only a single-word password (cannot contain any spaces).

• Status or Status SMS – sends a text message with the current status.
• Status Email – sends an e-mail with the current status.
• Reset or Reboot – restarts the Ares unit.
• Debug – returns debugging information.
• Upgrade – without further parameters, upgrades the firmware using 
  the configured address. Full URL can be included in the message.
• Push – sends test PUSH to the address set in AresConf.
  The returned value contains the sent information.
• Push http://address – sends test PUSH to the address set in the SMS.
  The returned value contains the sent information.

Configuration SMS
• GETCFG variable – obtains the information about the value of a variable.
• SETCFG variable – sets the variable to a requested value.

SETCFG variable = value
SETCFG variable = value; variable1 = value1;… (max. 160 chars)
GETCFG variable SETCFG variable; variable1;… (max. 160 chars)

Names of variables are the same as the names in setup.xml within the section.


For a real example of how to set up SensDesk in Ares configurations with SMS commands, read this application note.

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