HW group monitoring units in vaccination center

We are very happy that we were able to help the newly created vaccination center in Dobřichovice (a tiny town near Prague)

Volunteers from the ranks of doctors and nurses give their free time to help as much as possible. We are very happy that there are so many people in these difficult times who are willing to contribute to the long fight against the pandemic.

Our company, HW group, has supplied the Dobřichovice Anticovid Vaccination Center with our monitoring devices, in order to ensure that the vaccines are stored under ideal temperature conditions.

We know that the center will vaccinate many patients and we thank the local volunteers for their commitment.

If you are interested in this project check out this website.


If you are interested in how to monitor vaccines using our units, look at this article or contact us directly at ssupport [at] hwg [dot] cz (subject: Projects%20with%20Covid-19%20vaccines) .