HWg-STE plus: Ethernet thermometer with Digital Inputs

Company HW group s.r.o. is in now introducing a new Ethernet monitoring device HWg-STE plus for temperature and humidity measuring. Sensors connected to this unit can be viewed through a web interface or applications for smartphones and this Ethernet thermometer has also 2 additional digital inputs for detectors.

The digital inputs can be used with for example smoke detectors, power outage detectors, door contacts, water detectors and more. The device can use also temperature and humidity probes other than the ones supplied with the device. In case the set safe range is exceeded on a sensor or a change is detected on digital input, the device can send an alarm email with notification.
HWg-STE plus units can be connected to www.SensDesk.com portal, which works similar way as cloud applications. No difficult configuration is needed, either you do not have to set the NAT or firewall. You only activate the connection to portal and then you can any time check on the actual temperature in your kitchen or in your customer’s server room.
The device is supplied with a Windows software HWg-PDMS, an application offering options of creating graphs and data exporting to MS Excel. Featured HWg-STE Plus supports SNMP and can be used with 3rd part NMS applications.

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