New LTE G versions for Ares and SMS GW

We have in the pricelist 4 new items with “G” versions, which are set to replace - LTE A and LTE AU versions and offer stable, global LTE usage.

  • Ares12 LTE G plain
  • Ares12 LTE G Tset

  • SMS-GW3 LTE G plain

One of the most significant advantages of the LTE G versions is their global LTE compatibility. These devices operate on stable LTE frequencies that are widely used across the globe.

If you're considering upgrading your current LTE devices or expanding your connectivity options, the LTE G versions offer a compelling solution.

You can find these 4 items in our latest price list effective 5/5/2023.
This price list can be downloaded from your partner user account on our website, if you have any troubles with that, contact us.