Poseidon2 3468 – Sensors and detectors monitoring over Ethernet for industrial applications

HW group s.r.o. has recently introduced two new generation models from a Poseidon2 product family, designated for remote monitoring in industrial and telco environments.

Poseidon2 3468 can be used as an IP thermostat with and option of installation to a DIN rail and with 230V/16A relay outputs. Typical application is a remote monitoring of temperature / humidity, light intensity, power supply state, door opening, relay outputs states or inputs (DI inputs) state. This Poseidon unit can be used also for remote restarting of connected devices or for environment control.

Poseidon2 has an inner memory (data-logger) for 250 000 entries can be connected to any SNMP or SCADA system. One unit can connect up to 8 sensors.  Poseidon2 sends an email, SNMP Trap or an alarm SMS to up to five recipients in case a sensor value is out of an allowed range. Notification sending about an input (DI input) state change can be used for example with a condition that if the open rack door are detected, the device has to wait 120 seconds before sending an alarm message. Several Poseidon2 devices in the network can send alarm SMS messages through one HWg-SMS-GW.
Model 3468 finds its use in telco points (available also for 48V DC power supply) or for backup power supply and UPS monitoring. It is also frequently installed into intelligent buildings, information kiosks/ATM cash machines and IP camera systems or for remote gate controlling.
For industrial applications converters for industrial sensors (4-20mA, 0-10V) and temperature probes Pt-100 and Pt-1000 can be used.
Poseidon2 devices can be connected to online SensDesk.com portal, which allows users to view all the sensors at one place in a web browser, as in cloud applications. Connected Poseidon2 devices can be then installed in several places and the overview can be accessed from anywhere also in applications for Android or Apple smartphones. Online portal SensDesk.com is available for free.

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