Public webinar: Ares 12 & recent changes in GSM/LTE monitoring

Dear customers,

we have several news from the GSM/LTE remote monitoring business. Due to component issues, we decided to stop production of Ares 10 in GSM and LTE versions. It can be fully replaced by the Ares 12 version. Ares 12 offers to monitor more 1-Wire UNI sensor values, supports external outputs, and also includes an internal battery.

We are organizing a public webinar to address this change. We will talk more about the Ares 12 device that can fully replace the Ares 10 devices.

The webinar takes place on the 31st  of August at 14:00 (CET).

We will discuss the following topics:

  • The recent change in Ares devices
  • Types of Ares 12 and their usage
  • Ares 12 product tips for modern solutions
  • Configuration of Ares 12

We will end with a discussion and also answer all your questions.