Upcoming SesnDesk update

Dear HW group friends,

We will soon publish a new SensDesk version. The update will happen on Monday the 18th in November at about 7 AM CET. Please note, that there may be short outages and your data may not be logged during the update. The update should finish in about 2 hours. 


We have some significant news in the graphic design. We added switching between grid and line views for a better overview of all your sensors.

New Features:

  • All overview pages (devices, sensors, teams, users, etc.) are equipped with a table/row display switch
  • All overview pages (listing devices, sensors, teams, users, etc.) are equipped with full-text search by name (alias)
  • New Settings page to shorten the menu
  • New Bulk Operation page for mass operations on devices, sensors, etc.
  • Added support for ppm and ppb units


  • Moved the Users and Teams pages under the Settings page
  • A new overview of teams with limits highlights (SensDeskAdmin only)
  • Edit homepage to add content blocks

Bug fixes:

  • Table listing of measured values in graphs - dropping Icons columns in display and exports
  • Fixed addition (adoption) of SD and NB devices in the team - on the Team page now the field for entering the product code. Lets you add a device without having to access the device's webpage

The full changelog can be found here: https://www.hw-group.com/product-version/sensdesk-portal

You can now buy your own SensDesk portal for your company. Just sales [at] hwg [dot] cz (subject: SensDesk%20Pro%20enquiry) (contact us) for more details!