What's new in SensDesk.com

In the HW group, we have prepared a lot of news related to www.SensDesk.com.

SensDesk technology is not only one web (SensDesk.com) anymore. 
You can use several portals in different languages today based on SensDesk technology (Portal providers). There are several new features available and part of that change is the www.SensDesk.com is not free service anymore (30.11.2021)

SensDesk.com is an on-line service from HW group to monitor & manage remote sensors and devices.
The SensDesk.com portal offers a central overview of all the values, provides sending the alarms, reporting, outputs into the Open API, etc.

SensDesk.com used to be a free service in the past.

Now we published new www.HWg-cloud.com as free service for our customers (details here).

  • SensDesk.com will become a paid service only from November 30th, 2021.
  • We would like to ask all (non-paying) customers to migrate their devices to the blue www.HWg-cloud.com portal if they are not ready to pay for monitoring services. We apologize for the inconvenience and we believe that you will be satisfied with the HWg-cloud service as well.
  • You have time for the migration up to 30.11.2021.
    Below is video tutorial how to migrate your devices between portals (or check the Help on www.HWg-cloud.com.

  • Or join us on our webinar How to migrate my devices from SensDesk.com 18th of October, 14:00 (Prague time - CET), This webinar will be public, if you are interested in participating, click on this registration link.


2 portals from HW group:



  HWg-cloud.com SensDesk.com
Price Free of charge From 12 Euro/ Month
Number of monitoring devices Up to 20 5/ 10/ 25/ more
Number of sensors Unlimited Unlimited
History (database) 10 days 30/ 365/ 730 days
Alerting E-mail (2 recipients) Voice call, SMS, e-mail, relay output, SNMP trap


Main features on paid Sensdesk.com:

  • SMS & Voice calls alerts  
  • 3 subscription plans
  • PDF reports (CSV)
  • MultiGraphs
  • Open API: SNMP + XML   
  • New more robust database
  • Separated support

SaaS (Software as a Service)
Paid option for all HWg devices
3 default subscription options (SensDesk PRO, SensDesk DC, SensDesk.com) 
Can be ordered with a 1-year voucher
The www.SensDesk.com is just one Portal installation of this technology provides by HWg. There are several independent Portal providers.

7 reasons why it's better for you to pay the portal

1) SensDesk.com can alert you by SMS or Voice call to your mobile phone in the case of Alarm. If the time is critical, every second counts.   

2) The SensDesk.com service price is about 15% of the hardware costs per year

3) SensDesk.com can report in PDF (CSV) periodically. Report for pharmaceutical / other production (HACCP). Report you can print & click the invoice for your customer (demonstration of service). 

4) More Dashboards and Multigraphs can help you to visualize quickly what’s wrong. You can have 2 years of data history, so you can compare historical data easily. 

5) Open API: Connect data from SensDesk.com to any other system (XML or SNMP protocols).


6) Our support team is made up of real people, we support hardware & service together. 


7) This does not apply only to SensDesk.com. Choose any service from SensDesk technology portal providers


Portal providers

www.SensDesk.com is not the only Portal provider. Feel free to use any of these 3rd party provided services to get local support in your country and your local language.

For the latest valid list of Portal providers, you can also check the list on the HWg-cloud page

What is a Portal provider?
Based on SensDesk DC license and  HWg Distributor or project-oriented
SI (System Integrator) can have its own portal, its own price model.