Paessler – IPCheck Server Monitor

IPCheck Server Monitor is a very user-friendly and robust system for IT infrastructure monitoring. It was designed primarily for monitoring servers and services. It supports SNMP, in addition to many other protocols

Licence type: 
  • Licence: Two free versions are available:
    • Free version is limited to 5 monitored values
    • 30-day demo of the commercial product, turns to free version upon expiration
  • Estimated price: 124 EUR / Standard Edition – 25 sensors
  • Supported OS: Windows NT 6, 2000, XP, Server 2003
  • NT service/daemon: Yes
  • User interface: Local application, fully-featured web interface
  • GUI: Device icons / Graphical display of values / Tree of values
  • Language: EN, DE, ES
  • Communication protocol: SNMP
  • MIB Manager: Yes, as an external application
  • Response to Alarm:
  • Local: Play a sound, pop-up a window, execute an external file, record to EventLog
  • Functions: Send an e-mail, NET SEND, HTTP Request

Horizontal menu

9 notification technologies: Send Email, SMS/Pager, syslog and SNMP Trap, HTTP request, Event log entry, Play alarm sound files, Amazon SNS, any external technology that can be triggered by an EXE or batch file

Status alerts (up, down, warning)


Bandwidth Monitoring using SNMP, WMI, NetFlow, sFlow, jFlow, Packet Sniffing


LAN, WAN, VPN, and Multiple Site Monitoring


Agent-less monitoring (optional agents (remote probes) allow monitoring for even deeper metrics)


In a PRTG Cluster up to 5 PRTG instances ("Nodes") work together to create a failover tolerant monitoring system.


  • SW version: Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor 5.4.0, Windows XP Professional SP2 CZ
  • Hardware: Poseidon 3268, firmware ver. 3.0.1
  • Communication: SNMP
  • Tested: Adding device, sending an alarm, creating a report.