Zabbix is an interesting and well-known open-source software for IT infrastructure monitoring.

Licence type: 
Open source
  • License: Open source
  • Estimated price: Free, as long as you comply with license conditions
  • Supported OS: *nix
  • NT service/daemon: Yes
  • User interface: Web client
  • GUI: Device icons, text
  • Language: EN, partially customizable
  • Communication protocol: SNMP, SNMP Trap
  • MIB Manager: No (however, it is a standard component of many Linux distributions)
  • Alarm response:

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Zabbix is an intuitive and user-friendly system intended for monitoring of end-user workstations, IT services and active network components. It provides many interesting graphs and reports.



  • SW version: Zabbix 1.4, Fedora 7 i386
  • Hardware: Poseidon 3268, firmware ver. 3.0.3
  • Communication: SNMP
  • Tested functions: Adding a device, displaying values, graphing historic data