Rosslare AY-Q64

The AY-Q64 has a slim rugged metal construction ideal for high traffic and harsh environments where PIN code and RFID card access are required. This model is epoxy filled, designed to withstand the rigors of the outdoor environment, and has advanced programming options as well as patented blue backlit keys. This elegant yet robust model can easily interface with Rosslare’s or most third-party controllers.
Accessories producer: 
Rosslare Security Products, Inc.
Tested withFirmwareResult
1.0.10 and later


RJ45 norm B color Funkction AY-Q64
white/orange 1 - out 1 brown
orange 2 - out 2 yellow
x 3 – Txd x
blue 4 – GND black
x 5 - in 1 purple
green 6 - D0/Rxd green
white/brown 7 - +12V red
brown 8 - D1 white