The SH4 is an ultimate access system that works with any electromagnetic lock and any RFID reader. It will work in your datacenter as well as in your office or even your home. Whether you have one door or several hundred racks, the SH4 system provides a cost effective way to manage access to your technology.

Each SH4 device can connect up to 2 electromagnetic locks and 2 RFID readers of your choice. There are many locks and RFID readers on the market. The SH4 already supports the most common models and others can be added upon request.

You can find more details about how the system works here: sh4.hw-group.us

  • Controls two electromagentic locks
  • Can connect two independent RFID readers (with or without keypad)
  • The SH4 unit can connect additional HWg-SH4e and HWg-SH4s units (max.16 units)
  • Online / Offline mode
  • Online mode uses central management server application HWg-DCD
  • SNMP for remote supervising in monitoring centers
  • Supports SNMP traps
  • List of supported accessories (RFID + handles)
Applications and usage: 

The small applications can be for example apartment houses, small companies, or systems using existing RFID tags.

Apartment building access system

HWg-SH4 can be used as an access system for apartment houses or offices. A typical application can be using RFID reader for access from the outside of the building, together with an exit button installed on the inner side of the door. To enter the house you can then simply use the RFID tag and to leave the building you can press an exit button. The door can be also opened remotely from individual apartments. The system can also be used to control the gate to a parking lot.

Using HWg-DCD is in such cases is optional, as it is not needed for direct administration. However it can notably simplify registering of access tags and deactivation of the lost ones.

Access into a company building with a gate

HWg-SH4 can be used for entry gates on company parking lots. One RFID reader with a keyboard would control the entry gate and another reader with a keyboard would then control access into the building (the gate and the door require differend codes assigned). An exit button can be used for leaving; eventually a second RFID reader can be used at the gate (can be then used for evidence of cars parked in the parking lot). Using the HWg-DCD is optional here as well.

Building access system with availability for other applications

Thanks to the ability to use common RFID readers the HWg-SH4 is optimal for integration into existing systems. For instance in many schools and libraries there are some RFID tags systems already installed.

With HWg-SH4 you can easily assign access rights to a building by using the same tags. Also late arrivals are then recorded, the log can also be sent as e-mail or SMS notifications. The same can be applied in different office or storage premises.

Using HWg-SH4 in IT environment

Standalone solution for racks


A typical application for HWg-SH4 is in a rack cabinet, not only in individual cabinets but also as a part of a data center. HWg-SH4 unit is then installed inside the rack and the RFID reader is placed on one of the doors (or both). If there is only a single HWg-SH4, it can be simply configured in offline mode through its WWW interface. However if HWg-SH4 is installed in a data center where one unit is installed in every cabinet, it is recommended to use the devices in online mode with HWg-DCD.

A solution using remote HWg-SH4e/HWg-SH4s units One of the main advantages of the HWg-SH4 system is the option to use one control unit with several subordinated HWg-SH4e or HWg-SH4s units. In such cases a use of RFID reader with a keyboard connected to HWg-SH4 is expected. Individual doors have their own unique numbers corresponding with a door (key/lock) number or with a number of the rack cabinet (where the number is then used as a door code). Subordinated units HWg-SH4s or HWg-SH4e, which directly control the door locks, are installed in individual rack cabinets.

NOTE: The units (both head and subordinated) can also use relay type objects for example for lighting control in racks or for identification of the unlocked door. This function is not active in default.



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HWg-SH4  is an access system (for racks or even whole objects), RFID based with IP interface for central user administration. User access cards database can be stored in central SW or directly in HWg-SH4 unit. The device database synchronises with HWg-DCD software.


  • Now you know who and when was in your cabinet. And you know it immediately.
  • Manage RFID cards remotely over the web or central software.
  • Card database from the central SW is stored also in HWg-SH4 for cases of server connection problems
  • Administrator can be notified by SMS about each door opening or an attempt to unlock the door with an invalid card.
Adding HWg-SH4e units to the central HWg-SH4 control unit
Adding HWg-SH4 unit to HWg-DCD2 software
Adding the HWg-SH4 unit to HWg-DCD2 software via wizard
Adding a user to the HWg DCD2 system
Uninstalling HWg-DCD2 from PC
Download and installation of HWg-DCD2 on PC