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Windows application for controlling access to cabinets in a data center. Remote opening of cabinet doors using RFID, SMS, or operator command, not limited to data centers. Central database administration, access logs for each cabinet, alert to open doors in an aisle, and more.

Licence type: 
SW version:
  • Platform: Windows (NT service, runs in the background)
  • Communication interface: Email, LAN SMS interface
  • Group functions: Supports groups of users and groups of cabinets (racks)
  • License: The software is free of charge
  • Maximum capacity: Max 5000 racks, max 250 rooms
  • GSM modem: GSM modem have to be connected locally to the PC
  • User statistics: Access logs for each rack, e-mail alert to the opening of a door
  • Special functions: Visual indication whether all doors in a group are closed and locked
Applications and usage: 
  • Data center: Managing customer access to cabinets
  • Telco network operator: Management of large-scale infrastructure. Unified system of controlling access to individual data centers and individual cabinets
  • Enterprise: Rack access control across all company locations

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HWg-DCD (Data Center Dashboard) is a unique system that enables secure remote access to cabinets. HWg-DCD is a centralized application that opens the front or back doors of a cabinet to authorized personnel only.

HWg-DCD includes a Windows administration interface. The operator can click to open any cabinet.  The administrator manages the database of users and their access permissions.

  • HWg-DCD offers centralized management of remote access to cabinets.
    The operator configures who may open which cabinet at what time.
  • HWg-DCD features easy management of users, cabinets and access codes.
  • HWg-DCD supports six ways of opening rack doors:
    1. Key (a lock is a part of an electronic swing handle)
    2. Web units at the doors
    3. Operator clicks a rack in HWg-DCD
    4. Local RFID card reader at each cabinet
    5. Central RFID card reader near the door of the server room
    6. SMS sent from a mobile phone (user code + door code)

HWg-DCD is typically used for complete control of access to racks or cabinets in a data center. Centrally managed access is usually used in server hosting centers (collocation centers), or for the most important racks of private enterprises.

YouTube video: 
Download and installation of HWg-DCD2 on PC
Adding HWg-SH4 unit to HWg-DCD2 software
Adding the HWg-SH4 unit to HWg-DCD2 software via wizard
Adding HWg-SH4e units to the central HWg-SH4 control unit
Adding a user to the HWg DCD2 system
Uninstalling HWg-DCD2 from PC