HWg-Ares12 – A New GSM/GPRS Thermometer

HWg-Ares12 enables remote monitoring of temperature, illumination, power supply and other sensors over GSM/GPRS. Its internal back-up battery can keep the measurements running for several hours. The product is designed for dozens and hundreds of installations.

HW group s.r.o., a LAN sensors manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, presents a new HWg-Ares12 unit. This GSM/GPRS thermometer enables monitoring of temperature, humidity, door contacts and other sensors over a GSM cellular network. An internal rechargeable back-up battery keeps the device operating for 4 to 12 hours, enabling e-mail or SMS alerts to power outages.

Another unique feature, besides SMS and e-mail communication, is the HWg-Push protocol. 

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