Monitor Temperature at Remote Locations with new STE2 LITE

STE2 LITE is a simple-to-use LAN & WiFi thermometer for remote locations measurement. It´s the next generation of popular STE1 thermometer.

Whenever a temperature exceeds the specified range an e-mail notification is sent.

Even though there is only one RJ11 port, STE2 LITE can monitor up to 4 sensor values from external sensors (Relative Humidity, CO2, VoC, 4-20mA and others). 

Several sensors can be daisy-chained from the RJ11 port. The default temperature sensor can be replaced by Temperature/Humidity on a longer cable. One physical sensor can also measure several values (°C + %RH = 2 values).


Typical applications:

  • Remote temperature alert sensor (Server environment, A/C unit cooling failure alert),.
  • Simple to use server room environment monitoring.
  • Food storage (control of storage conditions, creation of HACCP logs using application software)
  • LAN/WiFi thermometer which can be integrated with 3rd party SNMP system or with Portal (SensDesk Technology).



Whenever the temperature is too high or too low (door opened), an Alert is sent. Email alerts can be sent for temperature or detector (DI) alarms. With external SMS-GW-LTE or Portal service, it can also alert you with an SMS or Voice call.

Email alerts can be sent directly from the device (SMTP) or the Portal service (also SMS, ring-out, and device-disconnected alerts). Even without Portal service, the device can send alerts via an external SMS gateway device on the LAN.


External detectors and sensor values are displayed on the device’s WEB interface, in the HWg monitor mobile App, or on the SensDesk technology-based portal.

SensDesk Technology Portal

STE2 LITE can be connected to any SensDesk Technology-based portal to be monitored and managed.

The Portal centralizes device management, graphs, and alerts by email, SMS or voice calls. PDF reports are also available.


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