is becoming paid portal only, what options do the customers have?



Dear customers,

From 28.2.2022 it will be not possible to keep using the portal free of charge. Customers who have free account on have to buy one of three subscription plans or have to migrate their devices to another portal.


You can find all your options and what to do in this article.

Current users of have these options: 

1) Buy the subscription

  • Subscription plan from HWg distributor

The customer can choose 1 from 3 subscription plans and order it from his HWg distributor. Customers are going to get new features (SMS, Calls, Reports, Graphs) and keep all settings & data.

A list of all distributors is to be found here. Customers can contact their distributor and ask for a subscription plan.

  • Subscription plan from

For customers in countries without regular HWg distributors. Customers can choose from 3 subscription plans and order it from

The prices of subscription and detailed features are as follows:

Features 5D Alerts
1 year
10D log
1 year
1 year
subscription plan
Device limit (?) 5 10 25 custom
Users limit (?) 1 2 3 custom
SMS Alerts(?) & Phone calls(?) 40 75 100 custom
Log DB [days] (?) 30 365 365 custom
PDF reports (?) 1 2 5 custom
Multigraphs (?) 1 2 5 custom
Dashboards (?) 1 2 2 custom
Open API (SNMP,XML) (?) yes yes yes custom
Price/year (?) 144€ 468€ 1 188€ sensdesk [at] sensdesk [dot] com (subject: Order%20Premium%20SensDesk%20services) (Ask for your price)

Find product detailed description here.

2) Migrate to another portal provider ( for example)  

Several portal providers are running their own portal based on SensDesk Technology. Most of them are local HW group distributors. These independent service providers provide SensDesk Technology-based services in their local markets.  

3rd party providers are located in following coutries:

Austria BellEquip GmbH
Belgium MCS N.V.
Czech Republic HW server s.r.o
France QL3D
Netherlands MCS N.V
Luxembourg MCS N.V.
Romania Sincro Systems s.r.l
Germany Lucom

These portals are provided by HW group partners who are local and offer a various mix of free and paid services. This is the best option for customers from regions with a local portal provider. You can find detailed information about your possibilities on providers' websites that you can find in the table above.

3) Migrate devices to free

If you don´t need paid portal, the manufacturer provides a new free-of-charge portal with limited features and functions. Customers can create a new account on and migrate their currently connected devices from SensDesk.comIt takes 30 seconds per device.

Historical data and alarm setup will be lost. However, there can be up to 20 devices within one account for free.

You can find the product detailed description here.

Limitations of free service

HW group is a hardware manufacturer, not a business with dirty tactics such as offering free service today but forcing you to buy a new device tomorrow. is a free service by HWg with these limitations:

  • Only 1 account, maximum of 20 devices
  • Basic device management
  • Simple Graphs (history of 10 days only)
  • Email alerts (2 targets only)
  • No SMS, Calls
  • No PDF, CSV reports
  • No Open API (SNMP or XML)

How to migrate your devices to

The migration of your current devices takes just 30 seconds per device.
Here is YouTube video on how to do that:


What is the difference between and

Still unsure what portal is the right option for you?


Why should customers pay for

1) can alert you by SMS or Voice call to your mobile phone in the case of Alarm. If the time is critical, every second counts.   


2) The service price is about 15% of the hardware costs per year



3) can report in PDF (CSV) periodically. Report for pharmaceutical / other production (HACCP). Report you can print & click the invoice for your customer (demonstration of service). 



4) More Dashboards and Multigraphs can help you to visualize quickly what’s wrong. You can have 2 years of data history, so you can compare historical data easily. 



5) Open API: Connect data from to any other system (XML or SNMP protocols). 



6) Our support team is made up of real people, we support hardware & service together. 




What will happen to the current customers who are using

There will be paid accounts only on from 28.2.2022.
Customers can migrate their currently connected devices to another SensDesk Technology-based portal.

Will the accounts be automatically migrated to the HWg-cloud?

No, it’s up to the customer. 

HW group prefers customers to migrate to portals from their local providers if there is one or stay on and start paying for one of the subscriptions.

Accounts that stay on without a subscription will be deleted.

Will the device’s function be somehow affected if the device stops using the portal?

No, if it’s a standalone device (sending email via SMTP server + showing graphs via SNMP for example) it will continue working. You will only lose central portal features. 


HW group s.r.o company has changed its policy of the portal and services. Free accounts on (based on old Terms & conditions) will stay running up to 28.2.2022.