Temp-485-Pt100 "Head"

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Temp-485-Pt100 in the „Head“ version represents a converter from Pt100 to a RS-485 line, designed for mounting to a unified thermometer's head "B". The converter is suitable for usage in industrial environment.

  • Input signal within the range of -55°C to +640°C
  • Can connect Pt100 or Pt1000 sensors
  • Suitable for factory environment, RS-485 line communication (up to 1000m distance)
  • Each sensor is tested and calibrated from factory, at extra cost it is possible to supply calibration protocols
  • The sensors works with SNMP thermometer Poseidon
Applications and usage: 
  • Temperature monitoring in factories and industrial environment

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A converter unit for connecting one external temperature probe to RS-485 data bus. The converter's mechanic construction is intended for mounting to a unified "B" thermometer's head. It is necessary to connect external Pt100 thermal sensor (not part of the shipment), which connects via two or three conductors. Designated for Poseidon 2250.