SAL232 - Loger & Analyzer

SAL232 is simple free utility from HW server, which logs data from the RS-232 serial port. Received data are stored together with time marks that can be used to read time context. Recorded data can be stored in .RTF file.

Licence type: 
SW version:
  • Logs data to standard .RTF file
  • Logs time context
  • Transparent list of received data
  • Simple setting of connection parameters
  • No installation required, it is just one .EXE file
Applications and usage: 
  • Log communication on the RS-232 line
  • Simple usage even for non-experienced users
  • Analyzing the data received from serial port
  • Solving problems with communication over RS-232, respectively RS-485 or RS-422

Horizontal menu

SAL232 is the right choice when you need to effectively log serial communications with time context and then analyze it. The application is divided in two parts.

In the top part you can find the scroll boxes that can be simply used for setting the connections parameters, for example port, connection speed, parity, and so on. Beside these parameters there are three buttons: Connect/Disconnect that opens or closes connection, Save file button saves data to the .RTF file and the Clear button for erasing the context of the window.

Received data are displayed in the lower part of the window. Colors are used to highlight specific details:

  • red means time delay
  • black standard text
  • blue means spaces
  • green highlights nonprintable characters in HEX form (see picture)