SensDesk licences

SensDesk Technology based SaaS services:

  •  (Free of charge limited service by HW group).
  • - global service to end customers (paid service by HW group). 
  • Portal Providers - 3rd party companies running their own portals - Portal providers" list on


SensDesk Technology on-premise licenses:

  • The SensDesk PRO license can be installed in a closed network (recommended per the project)
  • The SensDesk DC license can be operated as a public service


Licence type: 

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  Sensdesk DC license Sensdesk PRO license
Licence type on premise on premise SaaS
Typical use Regional monitoring service Monitoring projects Global monitoring service
Price On request On request From 12€ / month
Number of monitoring devices By license By license 5 / 10 / 25 / more
Number of sensors Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
History (database) provider's decision provider's decision 30 / 365 / 730 Days
Device management Yes Yes Yes
Alerting Basic + Advanced Basic + Advanced Basic + Advanced

SMS alerts

Yes (SMS-GW + Twiliio service) Yes (SMS-GW + Twiliio service) Yes (SMS-GW + Twiliio service)
Phone call alerts Yes (SMS-GW + Twiliio service) Yes (SMS-GW + Twiliio service) Yes (SMS-GW + Twiliio service)
PDF Reports Yes Yes 1 / 2 / 5 / more
Dashboards Yes Yes 1 / 2 / more
Output control Yes Yes Web + actions
Multigraphs Yes Yes 1 / 2 / 5 / more
Actions Email, SMS, Set Output, SNMP Trap Email, SMS, Set Output, SNMP Trap Email, SMS, Set Output, SNMP Trap
Open API Yes Yes SNMP, XML
Amount of Teams Unlimited 1 1
Users in one Team Unlimited unlimited 1/ 2/ 3/ more
Customization Available Available Not available
NB-IoT devices support Yes Yes Yes, Migration (Import / Export)
Annual fee to HW group Periodical Voluntary No (included in subscription plans)
Use of own SMTP server Yes Yes No
Can run in private network  No Yes No
Updates and upgrades Voluntary Yes Automatically


SensDesk PRO on-premise license

A network of drug-stores that monitors the storage of medicines at several branches is an example of the exploitation. All the communication runs in a closed VPN network. 

  • A single company is the customer. 
  • A single technical team monitors and analyzes all the data. 
  • The portal is located in a closed network

Other typical applications:

  • Premises of a production factory with an internal network operate a SensDesk as a monitoring system for the production process. All the sensors are located in the internal network


SensDesk DC on-premise license

The HW group distributor in Austria is a typical example of exploitation. The distributor wants the customers on projects being supported by the SensDesk portal for the end customer in German. The Austrian provider of the portal operates (on the public Internet). 

  •     The provider operates the SensDesk as a service at a public address
  •     Several companies (teams) are the customer
  •     The portal is located on the public Internet

Other typical applications:

  •  The machine producer offers an extended service and a remote monitoring of machines under warranty. The machines are operated anywhere and communicate with the portal on the public Internet. 
  •     The provider of the IT infrastructure and servers offers the monitoring of installed servers at the customers. Sensors in server rooms communicate with the portal at a public address. Users are set to be informed about potential 

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