Supported accessories overview - Handles

HW group devices supported many handles for access control. If you do not find your type in the list of supported devices, do not hesitate to contact us


  • Conteg DP-ZM-Ex

    Ideální řešení pro Conteg rozvaděče, kde je zapotřebí samotná klika. Může být dodávána již nainstalována na rozvaděčích Conteg. Snadné připojení k řídící jednotce (RMS-ACS-U-RDU) pomocí přiloženého kabelu s barevně označeným konektorem RJ-45.
  • EM (EM-10-12-410) - E-Keeper Electronic Strike

    This "next-generation" access control solution provides the convenience of electronic access and push-to-close operation in one unit. Its low installed cost, compact design, and versatile installation options make it an easy, affordable solution for new or retrofit applications in a variety of enclosures – large and small.
  • EM-05 (EM-05-11-111) - Miniature Electronic Keeper System

    The compact version of Southco's electronic strike, the Miniature E-Keeper System delivers enhanced access control to applications that require concealed, controlled, secure access. Its versatility, ease of installation and slim design enable an easy transition from mechanical to electromechanical latching solutions.
  • H3-EM-67 (H3-EM-68)

    Card Reader Type - HID® iCLASS, MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® Plus, MIFARE® DESFire, HID 125kHz, EM 125kHz
  • Southco H3-EM

    Electronic swing-handle from Southco for rack/cabinet access systems. Can be extended by HWg-SHe or HWg-SH4e for remote cabinet door access control. Supplied with a 4m connection cable.
  • Southco R4-EM - 8 Series

    The R4-EM 8 Series Electronic Rotary Latch Series combines the efficient and robust performance of a rotary latch mechanism with simplified DC motor actuation. The R4-EM 8 Series is available with an optional door sensor, integrated connector and mechanical override bracket. Flexible, concealed installation provides vandal-resistance and accommodates a variety of cabinet designs.
  • Southco R4-EM - 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latch

    Southco’s R4-EM 9 Series Electronic Rotary Latch delivers next generation electronic latching through microprocessor controlled actuation, providing highly intelligent, reliable electronic access. The internal microprocessor allows expanded intelligence with integrated door and lock status sensing for complete security monitoring. Lightweight extended housing offers increased tamper resistance, while an integrated connector and snap-on manual over-ride bracket simplify installation. Additionally, the 9 Series offers an optional open/close detent feature to prevent unintended door release.
  • Southco R4-EM 5 & 7 Series

    Southco’s R4-EM 5 & 7 Series Electronic Rotary Latch provides reliable electronic access control in demanding environments. With its corrosion-resistant plated-steel or stainless steel outer body construction and fully-sealed internal actuator, the Outdoor R4-EM provides reliable electronic locking that is resistant to moisture and dust.