Application notes overview - IP serial

Many simple IT devices offer only a serial interface for local data handling and capture. With IP serial converters, remote data capture and system control via Ethernet, both LAN and WAN networks, can be easily implemented.

  • Controlling of IP Relay using program NetCat

    Besides the RS-232 serial port, the IP Relay device contains also another two relays whose switching on/off can be controlled over Ethernet (TCP/IP). Application Note 21 describes how to control relays from the Windows command line sending right sequence

  • First steps

    How to get started with HW group devices.

  • How to reset devices

    Factory default reset is used for the following reasons: when a password is forgotten, the IP access filter is blocking access to the device interface or if a customer wants to have the device in factory default after tests or for sale to the customer

  • How to send an e-mail from the PortStore buffer device

    The PortStore buffer device has the facility to send e-mail alert when power failure occurs or the buffer is getting full.

  • How to use the Box2Box mode

    Two devices can be connected back-to-back (Box-2-Box mode). In this mode, the digital I/O as well as the RS232/485 serial line are extended (tunneled) over the LAN.

  • I/O Controller - connecting relay to 230V AC

    I/O Controller can read states of digital inputs and control 8 outputs over network.

  • Modbus/TCP in I/O Controller2 and IP Relay HWg-ER02b

    The I/O Controller device was chosen as an example.

  • Serial Tx Pause for Eth/RS-232 converter

    This application note describes how to pause the remote transmition of data on Ethernet/RS-232/485 converters. This functionality is necessarry if you need to send the output data over RS-232 in precisely defined packets.