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Poseidon2 and Damocles2 devices are designed for remote environment monitoring, sending notifications and outputs control over the network using secure M2M communication. With support for over 50 SNMP and SCADA applications they can be integrated in a wide range of monitoring and control systems. MQTT protocol enables integration in IoT solutions.

Next to the standard functions a user expects from such kind of a device the Poseidon2 and Damocles2 feature such ones which enable detailed customization based on the needs of a particular user as for instance the "Periodical Status" and "Alarm Reminder".

Periodical Status Function

Some applications using Poseidon2 or Damocles2 devices might require the device status information in a fixed interval - once per week for instance. As the interval can be set in minutes, for a weekly periodicity you would set the value to 10.080.

Alarm Reminder Function

In other cases it can be useful to send repeated alert reminders to the intended recepients during the alert period. This way you can for instance remind all the intended recepients the alert status in a defined interval in minutes.

Both functions can be set via the "Periodic Status Settings" section of the "Email" tab of the Poseidon2 and Damocles2 user interface.

To try for yourself you can visit our Poseidon2 4002 online demo or Damocles2 2404 online demo. The links lead to Prague online demos, more demos can be found at the respective Poseidon2 and Damocles2 websites.

For ordering or more detailed information please contact your authorized HW group distributor.

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