IP sensors by HW group easily work with Nagios

HW group, a well-known manufacturer of IP sensors (HWg-STE: SNMP thermometer, HWg-WLD: Web-based water leak detector, Poseidon, Damocles), has released a series of plug-ins that simplify the use of its IP sensors in Nagios, a popular open-source IT infrastructure monitoring system.

HW group produces IP sensors for various applications. Most sensors include native SNMP interface (temperature and humidity sensors, flood detectors, electricity meters, etc.). In order to use the generic SNMP interface in the Nagios monitoring system, the user needs to get acquainted with the SNMP interface and enter correct settings.
With the new plug-ins, setting up IP sensors by HW group in Nagios is a matter of seconds. Nagios can read out sensor values as well as control outputs. With a Poseidon 3468 unit, a 110/230VAC relay can be controlled remotely. The plug-ins were created for HW group by NETWAYS, a leading SNMP Nagios consultant in Europe.

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