Temp-485-Pt100 Frost2

Temperature probe for very low temperatures with a RS-485 converter in a wall-mountable box.

The sensor is designed for connection with Poseidon2 4002 for data transmission and power supply.

  • Probe temperature range: -190 to +150°C (-310 to +300°F)
  • Accuracy: ±(0,4 + 0,005|t|) [°C] (minimum immersion 80mm, in the -100°C to +150°C range)
  • Converter operating conditions: –30 to +70°C (-22 to +160°F), relative humidity max. 85%
  • Environment: Indoor or outdoor use – IP65, wall mount
  • External probe: External Pt100 sensor for sub-zero temperatures (stainless steel housing, 2m cable)
  • Interface: RS-485, terminals
  • Compatible with: Poseidon2 4002
  • Power supply: From the Poseidon (12V), or 10..35VDC
Applications and usage: 
  • Temperature monitoring in pharmaceutical or freezing works.
  • Accurate temperature monitoring in food processing
  • Temeprature monitoring in civil engineering and industrial ovens 

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The external temperature probe (included) is in a stainless-steel housing on a 2m PTFE cable.

Sensor properties\
- Measuring element on the cable:Pt100/B, IP67 protection
- Cable:   2m, PTFE
- Rod length: 50 mm
- Probe connection:   4-wire 
- Enclosure material17240 stainless steel'
- Converter ext. dimensions:  62  x 95 x 35 mm 
- Converter protection: IP65 (EN 60 529) 
- Supply voltage: 10 to 35 VDC  (protected against polarity reversal)
- Consumption while measuring:  typ. 2 mA 
- Consumption during   RS-485 transmission: typ. 60 mA 
- Wire connection: CUU 2.5 mm2 terminals

RS-485 bus            

- Communication:  ASCII (9600Bd 8N1) 
- Address configuration:  software configuration or jumpers 
- Termination:  can be enabled with a DIP switch