Devices overview - Narrowband IoT devices

The NB family (Narrowband IoT) are simple devices for the monitoring of temperature, humidity, water leaks, voltage, current and other values in remote places. The Narrowband IoT devices are battery powered with a battery lifetime up to 3 years. The devices connect to the portal where you can monitor and control your entire system.

Narrowband IoT devices

  • NB-2x1Wire

    A simple device for monitoring temperature, humidity and more in remote places. Narrowband IoT connectivity.

  • NB-2xIn

    An easy to use device with Narrowband IoT connectivity for monitoring digital inputs in remote places.

  • NB-2xOut

    Narrowband IoT device with two relay outputs, that can control remote technology manually or based on conditions.

  • NB-WLD

    NB-WLD is a water leak detector with Narrowband IoT connectivity. It uses a very sensitive detection cable.