Online demos Poseidon2 and Damocles2 now available via IPv6

IPv6 support has been added to Poseidon2 and Damocles2 units some time ago, but now you have the opportunity to see online demos through this protocol. If you do not know whether your ISP (Internet service provider) or your computer supports this technology, you can check out at or

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) is an Internet Protocol (IP) used for carrying data in packets from a source to a destination over various networks. IPv6 is the enhanced version of IPv4 and can support very large numbers of nodes as compared to IPv4. The most obvious improvement in IPv6 over IPv4 is that IP addresses are lengthened from 32 bits to 128 bits. This extension anticipates considerable future growth of the Internet and provides relief for what was perceived as an impending shortage of network addresses. IPv6 also supports auto-configuration to help correct most of the shortcomings in version 4, and it has integrated security and mobility features.

You have five IPv6 addresses available currently: