The HWg-STE (SNMP Thermometer) product is over after 15 years

First version of HWg-STE product known as "SNMP Thermometer" is over after 15 years. It was a very popular device if you needed to easily send email alert based on temperature alarm on remote location. 
The first generation of STE remote monitoring unit is now replaced by 3 models of the STE2 device family:

- STE2 LITE (remote thermometer)
- STE2 R2 (remote sensor monitoring)
- STE2 PLUS (professional environmental monitoring)

After 15 years of HWg-STE production, we are not able to offer our customers device features for long-term reliable monitoring system with this device. It is not possible to implement HTTPs web interface, TLS encryption for using public SMTP servers or sending SMS/call alerts via external GSM/LTE gateway. All these features are supported only by STE2 products. 

How to send email with HWg-STE today?

Sending email alerts is one of the main functions of HWg-STE. Due to the lack of security anti-spam protection, it's not reasonable to use the HWg-STE with public SMTP services like SMTP server of Gmail or GMX, Yahoo and others. It's 2023 and security requirements are different than in 2009, we have an article about that: "Use a public SMTP server: Not recommended". 

Anyway, as a "Thank you for your loyalty" present for our customers, we prepared last HWg-STE firmware upgrade. In the firmware version 2.2.0 we introduced HWg-Push feature to the device. It means that all original HWg-STE devices can be connected to the portal based on SensDesk technology. Even devices that we produced in 2009 can now be upgraded and connected to one of the portals, allowing them to connect to any SensDesk Technology based portal, thereby extending their life.

Sending email alerts via the free service

The is a free version of the portal based on SensDesk technology. It's a free of charge service from HW group company for our customers (with a maximum limit of 20 connected devices). If you want to use your HWg-STE even after 15 years for reliable email alerts, create your user account and connect it to the HWg-cloud service.

Why use HWg-STE thermometer with HWg cloud?

- Long-term reliable email alert (email is sent from the portal) 
- Device invalid email alert when HWg-STE device is disconnected (no power)
- 10 days graph of temperature / relative humidity values
- Remote device management (central place to manage email alerts, ..)


Many customers have asked us in the past for an easy firmware upgrade to support TLS 1.0 or higher in the 15 year old product. 
HW group is an RME (Remote Monitoring Ecosystem) provider. We produce long-term reliable products, and even if we can't implement some features on the limited old chip, we care about our loyal customers and try to help them with the cloud service.