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PortStore X: CDR/SMDR serial buffers

PortStore is RS-232 serial data logger. Typical applicatio is call accounting CDR/SMDR data collector from PBX or IP PBX. Logged data are available over TCP/IP or SMTP or FTP. It can send stored data even as email attachment.


English version

Czech version

  Data Input Buffer capacity Data Output
Serial Ethernet Ethernet Modem
PortStore2 2 Mbytes 10base-T
Product end of life
32 Mbytes
Product end of life
  32 Mbytes 10/100 auto


  • CDR & SMDR Call acounting serial buffer with TCP/IP Client/Server modePortStore2 PL
    Collects call accounting data from a PBX (CDR/SMDR) over a serial line (RS-232). Data are stored in the internal 2MB Flash memory for later retrieval over the Ethernet.
    PortStore2 supports a Client/Server mode in which it automatically uploads the data to a server.
  • Teplephone line based serial port CDR bufferPortStore3
    Collects data over a serial line (RS-232). Data are retrieved from the internal 32MB Flash memory using a telephone line and an external 57600bps modem. PortStore3 emulates TCP/IP over the modem connection and the PPP protocol, data can be retrieved over FTP.
  • CDR & SMDR Call acounting serial/IP buffer for PBX and VoIP ePBXPortStore4
    Collects CDR/SMDR data from a PBX over RS-232, or from an IP PBX over TFTP and TCP.
    Data are stored in the internal 32MB Flash memory. Data can be retrieved using several protocols (TCP Server, TCP Client/Server, FTP), or sent as an encrypted e-mail attachment (SMTP).

  Data Input Security Protocols



  • PS Eye (PortStore Eye)
    The PBX CMDR / CDR data from RS-232 or IP are stored to various PortStore devices on up to 64 locations.
    Data are periodically transferred to the central PS Eye application and stored to separated TXT files to be analyzed in other application.
    PS Eye is available also in free version. .
  • HWg SDK (Software Development Kit)
    Comprehensive package of examples and source code for working with PortStore products, in several programming languages (Delphi, Borland C, Visual Basic, .NET, C#, Java).



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