Relay Output 1W-UNI

Expander with 4x External Relay output allows us to connect relay outputs to Ares 12. External Relays DO can be remotely controlled.
Relay output 1W-UNI for  Ares allows manual external system switching via SMS or SensDesk application. any contact can be switched automatically upon alarm detected by sensor, connected to  Ares unit. Output can be used as the thermostat, automatic switch of backup units, optical or acoustic alarms, etc. 

The Relay output expander reduces energy consumption of the module by using low-power bistable relays. It is not suitable for mobile apps. The time refreshing period of switches is 3s.

  • Low power relays expander
  • Allows remote control of connected devices.
  • 4x (NO/NC) up to 50V / 1A load.
Applications and usage: 

4x relay output expansion module for Ares 12 for remote control of appliances like for instance:

  • optical and acoustical alarms
  • air condition or heating systems
  • power back-ups etc.

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Relay output 1W-UNI module enables to expand Ares 12 devices functionality by remote control of 4 relay outputs with a dry contact capable of up to 50V / 1A load.

Basic use of Relay Output 1W-UNI  

The Relay output 1W-UNI module always uses 4 sensor positions from the 1-Wire UNI bus limit, i.e. even when only 2 DO are in use, the unit blocks 4 positions.

To one active port (RJ11 connector of the Ares device) maximum of 2 Relay output 1W-UNI can be connected. To strengthen the power supply an external 5V adapter or a powered “1-Wire hub Power” accessory can be used.

Strengthening power supply with additional 5V power adaptor

Strengthening power supply via 1-Wire Hub Power