SensDesk Mobile

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Please note that this application only works with HW group IP sensors (Temperature, Energy, Water Leak, DI, etc..).

SensDesk Mobile is Android application used to display all your sensors on the screen of mobile device. Connect your IP sensors from HW group to the online portal Setup your account and use your tablet or mobile phone as simple overview for all your sensors.

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Základní vlastnosti: 
  • Account on required
  • Remembers your account name and password
  • Simple filter showing alarm state sensors only
  • Sorting sensors by Device name / Sensor name / defined groups

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IP sensors you can connect to SensDesk:
- HWg-STE plus: Ethernet thermometer with digital inputs
- Ares devices: GSM Thermometer with E-mail (GPRS) and SMS alerts
- Poseidon2 devices: Remote sensors monitoring over LAN
- HWg-PWR: Smart M-Bus to Ethernet gateway (energy monitoring)
- HWg-WLD: Water leak detection with sensing cable (2D surface detection)