New products - The SD Devices are here!

The SD Devices are monitoring units for SensDesk

They all have WiFiEthernet, and PoE and come in a metal housing capable of DIN rail or rack mount

SD Devices can connect all HW group sensors. They also have outputs that can be controlled from SensDesk. Directly or using conditions.


Let's meet our heroes: 

SD-2x1Wire: Connects 1-wire and 1-wire UNI sensors. See the details here.

SD-WLD: Detects water leaks using a cable. Up to 85 meters. Click here to see.

SD-2xIn: Two digital inputs for your detectors. See here how many you can use.

SD-2xOut: Two outputs controlled from SensDesk. Read here how to do it.


For more details here's the user manual.


The SD devices come in packs of 50 units and are also available as individual plain units or sets.