Why is the WLD water cable such a robust solution?

Do you want to discover why is the WLD water cable such a robust solution? Read below:








  • The WLD2 detection cables can be extended based on your needs. 
  • We offer several types of lengths, such as 210 and 50 m

  • The detection cable can be bent and twisted without causing false alarms
  • WLD cable can be used on metal floors
  • WLD2 is galvanically isolated from the power supply, so there are no false alarms, even when using a very long detection and extension cable
  • Interruption and disconnection of the detection cable will be indicated within seconds
  • The detection cable is needed only where there is a real risk of flooding, you can use a cheaper prolong cable elsewhere
  • If you use WLD2 in an environment where there is a WiFi signal, you only need a power supply and 2m of cable length, there is no need to supply the LAN network with a TP cable
  • WLD2 supports 4 independent detection zones, you can get notifications of the first drops of water from each zone

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