WLD prolong cable A

Water Leak Detection uses a WLD sensing cable that detects water along the entire cable length and a WLD device (WLD2 / NB-WLD / ...) that can communicate an alarm in case of water occurrence (a few drops is enough). Prolong non-sensitive cable for the WLD system inexpensively extends the length of the WLD zone. WLD system can combine sensing and non-sensing segments of the cable to make it a cost-effective solution

  • For use with WLD2, NB-WLD, SD-WLD and Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI
  • Prolong non-sensitive cable is delivered in 5 m lenght
  • Prolong cable together with sensing cable can be extended up to 185 m long
Applications and usage: 
  • Prolong cable for WLD Sensing cable.

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WLD cable components

WLD sensing cable is supplied in lengths of 2 m, 10 m 50 m. The length of the sensing cable in 1 zone can be max. 85 m. The cable can be extended with the prolong non-sensing cable up to 185 meters/zone in total (60 m for NB-WLD). Terminator is required at the end of the zone (included in the Connection cable).

  • Connection cable - 2m (Green terminal block, 2m,  Terminator)
  • WLD Sensing cable A - 2m / 10m / 50m
  • WLD prolong cable A - 5m

 Sensing cable, Prolong cable, Connection cable, Terminator, WLD device

Recommended products

WLD sensing cable A

WLD sensing cable type A. Water is detected along the entire length of the WLD sensing cable.

WLD connection cable A

Connection cable for connecting WLD device with WLD sensing cable.


WLD2 is a WiFi / Ethernet water leak detector with support for WWW, SNMP and PoE. To detect leaking liquids, it uses 4 sensing cables


SD-WLD is a water leak detector with Ethernet and WiFi that detects the presence of water using a sensing cable.


NB-WLD is a water leak detector with Narrowband IoT connectivity. It uses a very sensitive detection cable.

Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI

A universal WLD (Water Leak Detection) sensor, with one WLD sensing cable input and 2 kind of outputs (1W-UNI sensor and relay output).