WLD connection cable A

WLD connection cable A is a cable for connecting the WLD sensing A cable to the green WLD zone input on the device. The WLD Connection cable does not detect water but is needed as a connection between the WLD sensing cable and the WLD device.

WLD Connection cable can be cut and extended using an ordinary 2-wire cable. Respect the total maximum length of the WLD zone (60 m for NB device / 185 m for WLD2, SD-WLD, WLD Relay 1W-UNI)

WLD Connection cable (the "WLD A connection cable 2m" package) includes a Terminator for terminating the end WLD sensing cable. Terminator has to be at the end of every WLD zone. If the system reports "2 = Sensing cable disconnected", check the termination of the terminator at the end of the WLD sensing cable.

Connection cable is part of HWg Monitoring Ecosystem (sensors + devices + SensDesk Technology portal), that gets you long-term reliable alerts, graphs, PDF reports, open API, remote device management, etc. The right Water Detection and early alert are essential in a lot of businesses, for example, data centers, etc. Water Leak Detection System from HW group is a complex solution developed to protect your facility against costly water damage that might threaten you.

>> Read the article about Water Leak Detection (WLD) System.

  • Connection cable for connecting external WLD sensing cable to the device with WLD zone input.
  • Every single WLD zone require this connection cable.
  • WLD terminator included, has to be placed at the end of the zone
  • Non-sensing 2-wire cable (can be easily extended)
Applications and usage: 
  • Every single WLD zone require this connection cable.

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WLD cable components

WLD sensing cable is supplied in lengths of 2 m, 10 m 50 m. The length of the sensing cable in 1 zone can be max. 85 m. The cable can be extended with the prolong non-sensing cable up to 185 meters/zone in total (60 m for NB-WLD). Terminator is required at the end of the zone (included in the Connection cable).

Packages that include the Connection cable:

  • WLD sensing cable A - 2+2m (2 m of connection cable, 2 m of WLD sensing cable)
  • WLD sensing cable A - 2+10m (2 m of connection cable, 10 m of WLD sensing cable)
  • WLD sensing cable A - 2+50m (2 m of connection cable, 50 m of WLD sensing cable)
  • can be also sold separately

Water Leak Detection System components

Recommended products

WLD sensing cable A

WLD sensing cable type A. Water is detected along the entire length of the WLD sensing cable.

WLD prolong cable A

Prolong non-sensitive cable 5m for WLD type A. Can be extended to up to 100m in total.


WLD2 is a WiFi / Ethernet water leak detector with support for WWW, SNMP and PoE. To detect leaking liquids, it uses 4 sensing cables


1x Water Leak Detection zone (sensing cable) to the portal. LAN and WiFi connectivity, IoT Monitoring unit (Portal required).


1x Water Leak Detection zone (sensing cable) to the portal. Internal battery, NB-IoT cellular network connectivity, portal required.

Sensor WLD Relay 1W-UNI

A universal WLD (Water Leak Detection) sensor, with one WLD sensing cable input and 2 kind of outputs (1W-UNI sensor and relay output).