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Connects 4 dry contacts or 1-Wire bus RJ11 sensors to Poseidon 2250 and RS-485 (RJ45) bus

Spider is an active converter between RS-485 and 1-Wire bus. Connects four input sensors (dry contacts or 1-Wire bus) to Poseidon by the RS-485 bus. Spider units can be daisy chain connected.

Spider makes it easier to connect more sensors over longer distances using the RS-485 bus. Suitable for applications in rooms and larger areas.

  • Up to 4 Spider units can be connected to one Poseidon model 2250.
      • With Spider and S-Hub units it is easy to create flexible installations with up to 50 sensors.
    • Four RJ11 inputs support these sensors:
      • Temp-1Wire (1m / 3m / 10m / Outdoor / Temp-Rack19 / HTemp-Rack19)
      • Humid-1Wire (1m / 3m / 10m / HTemp-Rack19)
      • Input for Dry Contact (Flood / smoke and gasses / voltage and current / motion and position detectors)

    Basic features

    • Up to 4 Spiders to one Poseidon 2250
    • 2x RJ45 connectors for connecting the RS-485 bus enable daisy-chaining.
    • Inputs 1 to 4 support:
      • Dry Contact (relay output) (RJ11)
      • 1-Wire temperature sensor (RJ11)
      • 1-Wire humidity sensor (RJ11)
    • Power over 485 bus from Poseidon, or from external power supply (barrel connector for external 12V adapter).
    • DIP switch for setting the address on RS-485 bus (sensor ID)
    • Signalization of sensor value being read / dry contact switched
    • Reaction to extremely short dry contact pulses (30 ms).

    Application examples

      Detection of system voltage, UPS function detection, Voltage failure alarm activation, On/Off control, Device restart
    • Enlarging the number of inputs for connection of dry contacts for Poseidon 2250.
    • Gathering values from 19” racks, RS-485 bus runs along the wall.
    • Temperature monitoring in supermarket freezers, RS-485 bus runs along the wall behind the freezers



    OID Type description
    600 273 Spider - (photo)
    Connects 4 dry contacts or 1W bus RJ12 sensors to Poseidon RS-485 (RJ45) bus


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