For water leak emergencies, the most important factor is time.

Water leaks are among the most common reasons for data loss, equipment failure or facility damage. Water leaks are the most common cause of damage to technology and they are about 7 times more likely to occur than fire.

With our WLD2, the detection cable can alert you immediately to potential damage and save you hundreds of thousands of euros due to its fast reaction. 

You will receive a message about the first drops in just seconds or you will receive a telephone call, it can ring and send SMS messages to 4 different telephone numbers. Its e-mail can reach up to four recipients as well and can be sent repeatedly. 

WLD2 can alert the facility manager, receptionist, or anyone in the building you choose.




In emergency situations, every second counts, all you need to protect yourself from incalculable damage is:

WLD2, and SMS GW3 - for sending SMS and phone alarms. 



WLD detection cables
The WLD2 detection cables can be extended based on your needs. 


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