WLD2 will call you when there is a water leak

In these hectic times, a lot of us don't notice when our phones make a short beep.

But a phone call directly from the sensor will ensure a timely answer. You don't have to worry about noticing this warning. You can set the water sensor to call you within seconds after the first drop of water.

One of WLD2's main advantages is that it supports zone creation. And so the flood sensor can call a different phone number for each zone.

The zone where the flood occurred will be indicated in the SMS also. 

In addition, this solution does not require SensDesk. All you need is an SMS GW3.

The right solution is:
- use the real Water Leak Detection (is about the first few drops of water and about the first few hours). 
- no internet connection
- first drops >> your phone is ringing ( you are not on the phone all the time? Ok, it can ring and SMS to 4 telephone numbers)
- It can alert the facility manager, receptionist, or anyone in the building who you choose.
- With our WLD2, the detection cable can alert you immediately to potential damage and save you hundreds of thousands of euros due to its fast reaction.




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