S0 pulse counter with SNMP and Modbus/TCP

This Case study is about  connecting S0 pulse outputs of the meters (Electricity, Gas, Water) to the Ethernet and reading values over the Open API (SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP or MQTT protocols).

  • Pulse outputs from 3rd party meters (S0 interface) are connected to the DI (Digital Input) of the Poseidon2 / Damocles2 Ethernet I/O unit. Each DI (Digital Input) on the supports a 32-bit pulse counter. The counted value is shown on the device web interface and is available on Open API over LAN.
  • Second Portal option to analyze pulse counters include even other HWg devices with GSM / LTE / NB-IoT connectivity. Counter data are analyzed in the analyze the data in the Portal - Graphs, Reports, Alerts and other portal tools. The SensDesk Technology based portals supports Open API interface to other systems per each user account (XML, SNMP).

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