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STE2 LAN / WiFi Web thermometer/hygrometer icon
HWg-STE / HWg-STE plus
LAN (PoE) Web thermometer/hygrometer
HWg-Ares 12
Remote monitoring over GSM with internal battery - Email (GPRS), SMS, online portal
HWg-Ares 10
Low cost GSM thermometer,
Email alerts (GPRS), SMS, online portal
IP WatchDog2 Lite
PING restarter with SNMP status
IP WatchDog2 Lite
Poseidon2 xxxx
Sensors + I/O over LAN (Web, SNMP)
Damocles2 xxxx
I/O over LAN (SNMPv3, MQTT, IPv6)
Serial port I/O over IP RS-232/485 + I/O over Ethernet icon
Water leak detector (WEB, SNMP, relay)
HWg-PWR 3/12/25
M-Bus to Ethernet smart gateway

On-line demos

STE2 Prague

Poseidon2 4002 Prague

Poseidon 2250 Prague

Damocles2 2404 Prague

IP WatchDog Lite Prague

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What's new

18. 1.2018
Relay Output 1W-UNI: Ares12 can control 4x relay output
The Relay Output 1W-UNI expansion module allows to connect 4 relay outputs (NO/NC) rated up to 50V / 1A to the Ares 12 GSM remote monitoring unit.
Connect a horn, an alarm indicator or a relay to disconnect power over the 1-Wire UNI (RJ11) bus.

5. 10.2017
Power Detector 110/230V AC - relay output
Voltage failure detector for 110/230V (single phase) which can be connected directly to the wall socket. Electrically insulated relay output (NO) can be connected to a digital input (DI) of any HW group product.

19. 7.2017
Ares 10: Cost effective GSM thermometer

Ares 10 is a new cost-effective GSM (GPRS) thermometer for remote monitoring and alarming. External sensors (temperature, humidity, light intensity, ...) and DI inputs. Compatible with free-of-charge online portal to remote configuration, sending alarms or displaying graphs.

19. 4.2017
New generation of Damocles2
HW group introduces a new generation of I/O controlled over
LAN – the Damocles2 line-up. The new generation brings MQQT protocol for connecting the devices into IoT cloud, SNMPv3 for safe control over the I/O, Virtual Digital Outputs and the support for the online portal.
The design of the individual Damocles2 family devices is moreless identical with the first Damocles generation.

15. 2.2017
HW group on Power Days (Salzburg)
Find out more about our products on 15. - 17. 03. 2017 in Salzburg, Austria at Power Days.

BellEquip GmbH
Halle 10, Stand 0910

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HW group produces IP-enabled sensors

HW group specializes in development, manufacturing and distribution of remote monitoring and control solutions which match the latest requirements of industrial use. The scalability of our solutions allows its use from small companies up to corporations. More about us

STE2: WiFi and Ethernet Thermometer with Digital Inputs

Applications of our products:

Web portal for LAN / GSM sensors

We are the only manufacturer of LAN/GSM sensors for remote monitoring that offers a completely free online portal for our products. No software installation, no monthly fees.

All your sensors, at different premises and serving different customers, on a single screen. View charts, set alarm thresholds and check all the readings from anywhere. Mobile phone app available.

Remote environment monitoring over LAN

Need an IP thermometer that sends an e-mail when your air conditioning fails? Search no more. We offer several products for remote monitoring of various sensors over a LAN.

We supply LAN sensors for end users as well as professional 1U products for 19-inch cabinets. Sensors can be monitored with our simple software, or connected to third-party SNMP and SCADA systems.

  • HWg-STE: Simple LAN thermometer / hygrometer with SNMP (2 sensors)
  • HWg-STE plus: LAN thermometer with DI and SensDesk (4 sensors + I/O)
  • Poseidon2 3266: Remote sensor monitoring over a LAN (12 sensors + I/O)
  • Poseidon2 3268: Ethernet I/O and a sensor monitoring system (14 sensors + I/O)
  • Poseidon2 3468: IP thermostat for a DIN rail, 230V/16A-rated relay (14 sensors + I/O)
  • Poseidon2 4002: Datacenter environment monitoring (56 sensors + I/O)

Central GSM gateway for SMS alarms

Do you need to send alarms as text messages, independently of your Internet connection? Use a single HWg-SMS-GW2 text message gateway for LAN sensors by HW group.

Just a single SIM card and a single SMS gateway serve your entire LAN.

  • Can be used with Poseidon2, HWg-PWR, HWg-WLD, and the HWg-Trigger app.
  • Send text messages from your account at the portal.
  • Can be used to send SMS from the Nagios system.

GSM sensor monitoring + free Web portal

Do you need to monitor sensor states and readings at a place without a LAN connection? Use GSM sensors and the Ares12 unit. Thanks to its internal battery, monitoring works up to 10 hours without power.

Connect power, temperature or illumination sensors, water leak detectors, door contacts, and even industrial Pt100 or 4-20mA sensors.

Check the readings and even configure your Ares units at

  • Free mobile app for iPhone and Android.
  • Ares will alert you to a failing sensor or a power outage by texting up to 5 telephone numbers.
  • Windows software for data collection into a database, charts and export to MS Excel.
  • Reports and alarms by e-mail.

Water leak detection in a 2D area (WLD)

Our “WLD sensing cable” detects anything from just a few drops to a flood in a defined area.
Water is detected along its entire length. Ideal for monitoring rooms and data centers. The sensing cable can be easily extended at several points. Installation is quick and simple.

WLD sensing cable can be connected to these devices:

  • HWg-WLD (blue, LAN output)
    • Sends and e-mail or a SMS whenever water is detected along the cable.
    • Web interface, supports, SNMP, Modbus/TCP.
  • HWg-WLD Relay (white)
    • Relay output for signaling the status (Flooded / OK).
    • Can be connected as a sensor to Poseidon (LAN) and Ares (GSM) units.

Full RS-232 serial port + I/O over a LAN

Do you need to control a 230V/16A-rated relay or a full RS-232/485 serial port over a LAN? Use our IP Relay or I/O Controller products.

The serial RS-232 port at the device can be accessed from MS Windows as a VSP (Virtual Serial Port) just as a local COM port. Supports up to 250 remote serial ports. The HW VSP driver supports full RS-232 serial ports (9 pins).

  • Relay outputs can be controlled from the web interface of the device.
  • Device I/O can be connected to SCADA systems using Modbus/TCP.
  • I/O and serial port can be interconnected back-to-back among several devices.
  • A digital input at one device can control multiple digital outputs at other devices.

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IP-enabled sensors