Standalone and IoT monitoring - new categories on our website

Monitoring products are now in 2 different categories:

  • Standalone Monitoring products
  • IoT Monitoring products

Standalone Monitoring

Standalone Monitoring products
Are all standard HW group monitoring products (Poseidon2 xxxx, STE2, Ares xx, Damocles2 xxxx, WLD2, HWg-PWR, Watchdog...)

We just renamed these products category to “Standalone Monitoring” products.

  • Device WEB server for configuration
  • Devices are sending the email by themselves (standalone)
  • Devices can be connected to several monitoring systems by SNMP, XML, others...
  • There is no mandatory central system.
  • The device can (but not have to) be connected to SensDesk or another portal...

IoT Monitoring

IoT monitoring products

Are new small (white) devices (SD-xxx, NB- xxx...)

We created new products category "IoT Monitoring".


  • Some devices do not have a WEB server for local configuration
  • There is a mandatory central portal system.
  • The device has to be connected to SensDesk or another portal...


  • Portal is sending the email / SMS / SNMP traps...
  • A user account on the portal can be connected to another (3rd party) monitoring system by Open API (SNMP, XML)

Standalone Monitoring

(Poseidon, Damocles, Ares...)

IoT Monitoring

(NB-xxx, SD-xxx)

Web interface YES Portal Only
Sends emails, SNMP, XML YES Portal Only
Can connect to YES YES
Can connect to any SensDesk portal YES YES
Installation without Expert on the site NO YES