Products and solutions for data centers

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Telco providers – telehouses

  • Poseidon xxxx: Connect sensors, dry contact inputs and outputs
    • Sensors: Temperature, humidity, pressure, door, flood probes and sensors
  • Damocles xxxx: Networked I/O for buttons and indicators
  • HWg-PWR: M-Bus energy meters (electricity, gas) over LAN (SNMP, logs)
  • HWg-WLD: Water leak detection along the entire length of the sensing cable (up to 85m – 280ft)
  • HWg-TG11: GSM temperature sensor (log, GPRS, e-mail)
  • Monitoring of air conditioning functionality / current temperature at a remote site
  • Monitoring third-party equipment (dry contacts / energy metering)
  • Remote electricity consumption metering for billing purposes
  • Detection of a monitoring system failure – a relay is activated or an e-mail alert sent
  • Monitoring of other equipment (relay outputs, electrical current – 0–30A AC / 0–80A DC, light, UPS voltage)
  • Remote restart / power cycling

Access Control System for a rack or data center

  • HWg-SH2: Remote control of an electronic handle/lock
  • HWg-SH3: RFID Access Control System over LAN
  • Poseidon 4001: Access control system for 19" cabinets in data centers
  • HWg-DCD: Windows software for administering the access control system
  • Access control for a rack/cabinet (standalone or inside a data center)
  • Door can be opened with a text message (SMS)
  • RFID access system for each cabinet
  • E-mail to the cabinet administrator whenever door is opened
  • Log of all accesses to the cabinet over SNMP (Nagios, ...)

Environment monitoring in a data center

  • Poseidon 4001: Monitoring + access control system for cabinets
  • Poseidon 4002: Monitoring for a 19" cabinet (SNMP, sensors, digital inputs, GSM)
  • Poseidon 3266: Remote monitoring of temperature, humidity and 4 dry contacts (door)
    • Sensors: Temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, door sensors
  • HWg-PWR: M-Bus energy consumption metering over SNMP (electricity, gas, heat)
  • HWg-WLD: Water leak detection along the sensing cable (up to 85m – 280ft)
  • Humidity/temperature monitoring
  • Door monitoring
  • Energy consumption metering and billing
  • Customer service (monitoring as a service)
  • Templates or plug-ins for SNMP monitoring systems (Nagios, ...)

Electricity consumption metering/billing

  • HWg-PWR: Connects three M-Bus electricity meters to LAN (SNMP, charts, logs, reports)
  • HWg-PWR 25: Up to 25 M-Bus electricity meters accessible over SNMP (Modbus/TCP)
  • Damocles xxxx: Pulse counters for S0 outputs
  • kWh metering for each 19" cabinet, easy billing
  • Uses certified M-Bus electricity meters – installation on a DIN rail
  • Minute-by-minute consumption overview for each electricity meter in MS Excel
  • Also suitable for three-phase metering, currents up to 500/1000A AC
  • Pulse counting for electricity meters with S0 outputs (Damocles)

Data center monitoring with an IP CCTV system

  • HWg-Juno: I/O for IP CCTV (Genetec, Milestone, ..)
  • Poseidon xxxx: Sensors and I/O on a LAN (needs support in the IP CCTV software)
  • Damocles xxxx: I/O over LAN (needs support in the IP CCTV software)
  • Native I/O monitoring in Genetec/Milestone IP CCTV systems
  • Guiding lights, remote door control from the CCTV system
  • Automatic camera pointing to the cabinet being accessed (rack manipulation recording)